I am most interested in exploring new space mission concepts and creating technologies that able missions not previously possible. I have been funded three times by the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. My first NIAC project, from 2011, developed a mission concept using giant solar sails to return to the heliopause (edge of the solar system) to continue the Voyager program helioscience. That resulted in this public report, in which we determined it was feasible to reach the heliopause in half the time that Voyager required, using a large solar sail going around the sun.


My next (and current) NIAC project is exploring the use of a photon multiple-bounce beyond line of sight imaging system to map the caves on the moon from orbit. By using multiple bounces of light we are able to determine rough measurements of a void extending laterally from the bottom of a lunar skylight. In this way we hope to show that with a single mission we can roughly map over 200 skylights currently known to exist on the moon. This project is in Phase 2, and the Phase 1 final report can be found here:


My long term interests are power, propulsion and communication technologies for extremely deep space and eventually interstellar missions.